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Lineation Face Treatment

No Treatment Price
1 Lineation Ageless & Antioxydant Facial (Package) Rp.850,000
2 Lineation Rebalancing Facial (Package) Rp.850,000
3 Lineation Hydrabalance Facial (Package) Rp.850,000
4 Lineation Facial Rp.190,000
5 Lineation Diamond Face Peel Rp.270,000
6 Lineation Double Soft Rp.400,000
7 Lineation Comedo Clean Rp.125,000
8 Lineation Oxy Rebirth Regular Rp.325,000
Lineation Oxy Rebirth Ageless Rp.460,000
Lineation Oxy Rebirth Rebalancing Rp.460,000
Lineation Oxy Rebirth Hydrabalance Rp.515,000
9 Lineation Ionthoporesis Rp.120,000
10 Lineation Rejuvenation Care
Lineation Rejuvenation Care Eye Rp.285,000
Lineation Rejuvenation Care Face Rp.850,000
Lineation Rejuvenation Care Neck Rp.360,000
11 Lineation Ultrasound Rp.175,000
Lineation Body Treatment

No Treatment Price
1 Lineation Diamond Body Peel Rp.360,000
2 Lineation Body Rejuvenation Care
Lineation Rejuvenation Care Arm Rp.430,000
Lineation Rejuvenation Care Thigh Rp.430,000
Lineation Rejuvenation Care Tummy Rp.475,000
Lineation Rejuvenation Care One Area Rp.405,000
3 Lineation Slimming Master Rp.200,000
4 Lineation Happy Boobs Rp.350,000
5 Lineation Bikini Treatment Rp.515,000
6 Lineation Hair Wax Out
Lineation Arm Hair Wax Out Rp.92,000
Lineation Armpit Hair Wax Out Rp.75,000
Lineation Bikini Line Hair Wax Out Rp.201,000
Lineation Legs Hair Wax Out Rp.172,000
7 Lineation Smooth Shape Rp.230,000
Lineation Face Treatment

No Treatment Price
1 Lineation Brightening Peel Rp.375,000
2 Lineation Radiance Peel Rp.350,000
3 Lineation Acne Control Rp.350,000
4 Lineation Scar Free Rp.1,500,000
5 Lineation Face Wrinkle Free Rp1,500,000
6 Lineation Neck Wrinkle Free Rp1,260,000
7 Lineation Vascular Clear
Lineation Vascular Clear per shot Rp.200,000
Lineation Vascular Clear (80 shot) Rp.1,000,000
Lineation Vascular Clear (200 shot) Rp.2,200,000
8 Lineation CO2 Face
Lineation CO2 (Per Spot) Rp.250,000
Lineation CO2 (All in) Rp.1,000,000
9 Lineation Bio Light Rp.75,000
10 Lineation Ionic Face Activation Rp.1,500,000
11 Lineation IPL Acne Rp.260,000
12 Lineation IPL Hair Removal Rp.260,000
13 Lineation IPL Pigment Rp.260,000
14 Lineation IPL Rejuve Rp.260,000
15 Lineation Face Q-Switch Carbon Rp.500,000
Lineation Face Q-Switch 1/2 Area Rp.1,000,000
Lineation Face Q-Switch 1 Area Rp.1,500,000
16 Lineation Thread Lift Rp.390,000
17 Lineation Face Shaping Rp.1,300,000
18 Lineation Smooth Tox
Lineation Smooth Tox 1u Rp.135,000
Lineation Smooth Tox 5u Rp.675,000
Lineation Smooth Tox 10u
Lineation Smooth Tox 20u Rp.2,700,000
19 Lineation Mild Contour
Lineation Mild Contour Voluma Rp.5,700,000
Lineation Mild Contour Deep Rp.6,500,000
Lineation Mild Contour Stylage Rp3,000,000
Lineation Mild Contour Hydra Max Rp.3,000,000
Lineation Mild Contour Redensity 2 Rp.4,000,000
Lineation Mild Contour Volebelle Rp.5,700,000
20 Lineation Smooth Skin Eye Brow Rp.340,000
21 Lineation Smooth Skin Face Rp.950,000
22 Lineation Hair Revival Rp.195,000
23 Lineation Facelift Acupunture Rp.2,000,000
24 Lineation Chromosome
25 Lineation Whitening
Lineation Whitening 1 Rp.165,000
Lineation Whitening 2 Rp.325,000
Lineation Whitening 3 Rp.375,000
Lineation Whitening 4 Rp.550,000
Lineation Whitening 5 Rp.550,000
26 Lineation Injection Keloid Rp.150,000
27 Lineation Injection Stemcell Male Rp.4,120,000
28 Lineation Injection Stemcell Female Rp.4,120,000
29 Lineation Injection L Carnithine Rp.220,000
30 Lineation Injection Acne Rp.100,000
31 Lineation Injection Collagenase Rp.200,000
32 Lineation Melanoceutical Rp.400,000
33 Lineation Injection Hyaluronidase Rp.460,000
Lineation Body Treatment

No Treatment Price
1 Lineation Vocal Cord Therapy Rp.172,000
2 Lineation Arm Tightening Sagging Free Rp.1,850,000
3 Lineation Breast Tightening Sagging Free Rp.1,800,000
4 Lineation Tummy Tightening Sagging Free Rp.2,500,000
5 Lineation Half Tightening Sagging Free Rp.1,850,000
6 Lineation CO2 Tummy Rp.3,700,000
7 Lineation CO2 Half Tummy Rp.3,000,000
8 Lineation Body Shape Ionic Activation Rp.1,500,000
9 Lineation Body Shape Ionic Activation (Package) Rp.3,000,000
10 Lineation Body Remodeling Rp.2,500,000
11 Lineation Diet for Overweight Harga disesuaikan dengan anjuran dan treatment dari dokter
12 Lineation Body Q-Switch Carbon Rp.500,000
13 Lineation Body Q-Switch 1/2 Area Rp.1,000,000
14 Lineation Body Q-Switch 1 Area Rp.1,500,000
15 Lineation Body Scennar Full Body Rp.350,000
16 Lineation Body Scennar Partial Rp.190,000
17 Lineation Smooth Skin Arm Rp.1,275,000
18 Lineation Smooth Skin Armpit Permanen Rp.950,000
19 Lineation Smooth Skin Half Back Rp.1,850,000
Lineation Smooth Skin Full Back Rp.2,600,000
20 Lineation Smooth Skin Bikini Line Rp.950,000
21 Lineation Smooth Skin Foot/Leg Rp.1,275,000
22 Lineation Hair Revival Rp.250,000
Lineation Anti Aging

No Treatment Price
1 Lineation Diet for Obesity Harga disesuaikan dengan anjuran dan treatment dari dokter
2 Lineation Anti Aging and HRT Consultation Rp.150,000
3 Lineation Slimming Acupunture Rp.200,000
4 Lineation Detox Liver Rp.957,000
5 Lineation Detox Kidney 2 Rp.375,000
6 Lineation Detox Skin Rp.350,000
7 Lineation Detox Colon Rp.1,302,700
8 Regenesis+ Rp.3,575,000
9 Finding Your True Colour with Finger Print Rp.750,000
10 Brain Optimizer with Brain Gym Rp.300,000
11 Natural Trauma Healing (NTH) First Step with Psoas Exercise Rp.2,000,000
NTH Group Program Rp.1,500,000
(group min. 5 people)
NTH Release Rp.300,000
12 Energy & Mindset Reprograming with Hypnosis, Mesmerism, Chigong, Prana, Kundalini, Merdian Rp.500,000
13 Fisiotherapy Rp.25,000
Lineation Fisio

No Treatment Price
1 Lineation Fisio TENS Rp.25,000
2 Lineation Fisio US Rp.25,000
3 Lineation Fisio Manual Therapy Rp.50,000
4 Lineation Fisio Ekstrimitas (Anggota gerak) Rp.35,000
5 Linaetion Fisio NMT Back Rp.30,000
Lineation Acupunture

No Treatment Price
1 Lineation Acupunture Rp.150,000
2 Lineation Acupunture General Rp.100,000
3 Lineation Acupunture Breast Rp.360,000
4 Lineation Acupunture Stroke Rp.150,000
5 Lineation Acupunture Stimulate + TDP Rp.30,000