Affirming Perfection: Reflecting Your Inner Health’s Beauty

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Agus Hanafi as an Counselor and Psychotherapist is one of the Regenesis+ team members who capable handling Energy & Mindset Reprogramming with Psychotherapy Methods, Neuropsychology Methods, Chinese Meridian Methods, Hypnosis, Mesmerism and Esotheric Ways. He committed to help people more healthy and happier than before. He believes that someone with happier soul and mind can live more productively and creatively. With his methods, he had many experience helping people with mind and soul problems such as: emotions, stress & depressions, anxiety, motivations, human development, family relationships, interpersonal behavior, family systems and marriage therapy, resilience stress management and many others about within a professional relationship, in order to assist to change patterns which have caused symptoms, distress, or difficulty in living.

His Medical Concern :

- Energy & Mindset Reprogramming (EMR)